Laser engraving laser heads can be used for laser engraving and marking many types of surfaces. Our laser head product line emits 450nm light at various power levels. Some of the features of our engraving laser product family include lightweight and compact designs, integrated fans for cooling the laser head and removing smoke, as well as adjustable focus spot size and working distances.

Remember that it is not a toy.
Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any surface.
Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine dedicated to 430 - 480nm in order to avoid reflected radiation.
Never point laser head at people or animals.
Do not touch the beam, it may cause burns or another injury. 
Do not stare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.

Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation. 

Class 4 laser product.

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